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What are the Benchmarks?

  • The JumpTrak™ Benchmarks are standardised assessments in mathematics and language for grades 1 to 11 and available in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa (other languages are available according to demand).
  • They are invigilated across more than 80+ private and government schools in South Africa.
  • The assessments are CAPS aligned. They have also been shown to be comparative to international equivalents and a true reflection of expected learner competence in the target subjects.

How does the JumpTrak platform facilitate the online benchmarks?

  • They are administered online on the JumpTrak™ platform and via a secure user id and password per child as well as additional activation codes for each subject.
  • Students participate in the assessments through the JumpTrak platform with assessments appearing in their JumpTrak™ library at the scheduled time of the assessment. JumpTrak is access via a web browser as well as on Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.

  • All data is 100% secure, adheres to POPI standards and is strictly confidential. Any participation to any comparative results is optional and anonymised.
  • COVID conditions can be accommodated to allow learners to write from home

Given the significance and role these assessments, particularly as formal summative assessments, JumpTrak™ caters for both power outages and connectivity issues. The assessment states are dynamically maintained throughout the assessment, allowing students, in the case of deployment on mobile devices to work off-line, if and as needed, with their test data being uploaded when connectivity is restored. In the case of students participating in the assessment programme using lap-top or desktop computers, the student’s assessment resumes from where they left off when the disruption occurred with the time remaining to complete the assessment being what it was when the assessment was interrupted. 

The JumpTrak™ environment allows for assessments to be made available at a specific time on a specified date and for a fixed duration, and, in so doing increasing both the security of the assessment and the reliability of the responses. Assessments are activated by means of student-unique activation codes, individual student username and associated passwords. 

All data collected through the assessments is strictly for authorised use only, with the JumpTrak™ programme and products all complying with the norms and standards specified in the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act..