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What is JumpTrak?

JumpTrak is a digital platform to publish online assessments and interactive learning material.

It greatly facilitates offline learning.

It’s particularly strong in assessing and tracking learner progress through formative and summative online assessments as they learn. Real-time reporting and dashboards give teachers visibility on learner progress and help teachers facilitate learning interventions in targeted learning objectives and curriculum topics.

Manage learners, and learning material by digital distribution into the class.

Who can use JumpTrak?

Any school or group of schools, learning institutions, training organisations, or corporates for employee development and training.

How do I access JumpTrak?

JumpTrak consists of a suite of web and mobile applications for :-

Learning with:

  • Online Assessments
      • Formative activities, quizzes and tests
      • Summative examinations
      • Assignments
      • Self monitoring
    • Digital structured text books, lessons or reference material
    • Learn in ‘offline’ mode and sync once connected and save on data usage.

Teaching with

    • Curriculum aligned 
      • Lessons, 
      • Digital textbooks published in a structured easy to use Library for the learners, or
      • Reference material
      • Home work assignments
      • and media rich content
      • No access to a web or mobile tools for each child?
        • Continue to use your paper workbooks and materials but use JumpTrak’s tracking and marking tools to leverage the monitoring evaluation dashboards and reports anyway. When the class is ready, then transition to digital.
    • With progress teacher dashboards for class and learner progress reporting and intervention design, including
      • Teacher consoles and reporting dashboards
      • Teacher marking tools on non-automatic responses, including marking rubrics
      • Diagnostic frameworks to build diagnostic assessments
      • Learner and grade comparisons by items, and curriculum topics
      • Diagnostic 
    • Teacher reference material and textbooks accessible in “teach” mode to navigate while giving a lesson
    • Streaming of online lessons through Zoom and Hangout conferencing
    • Learner management to publish lessons and assignments to the class
    • Access to the JumpTrak catalogue of learning and teaching material, including: – 
      • The NumberSense mathematics workbooks, Grade 1 to Grade 3 and Teacher console
      • The MathsSense Grade 8 digital lessons and formative self-assessments
      • Developmental Diagnostic Tools for Primary school in Language and Mathematics
      • Formative and summative assessments for Grade 1-12 in Language and Mathematics
How do I register?

Register with us here and we will walk you through a simple onboarding process to get you up and running.

What learning material can I publish to JumpTrak?

JumpTrak can publish simple text and media-rich audio and video content. 

Can I deploy assessments, quizzes and assignments to JumpTrak?


Is my content and intellectual property secure on JumpTrak?

Yes. JumpTrak has a very secure “entitlement” service that ensures your content’s security.

Do you have an existing catalogue of material?



We have :

  • An established catalogue of formative, summative and formal benchmark assessments in Mathematics and English well aligned to formal K12 and Grade 1-12 curricula used extensively. This includes the annual assessments, analysis and reporting.
  • A digital publication of the NumberSense mathematics workbooks series from Brombacher and Associates
  • Language and Mathematics Diagnostics tools
Is my personal information secure?

Yes. JumpTrak has a secure entitlement and identity service that ensures your personal and institutional privacy. Please see our privacy policy here JumpCO Privacy Policy.

What languages do you support?

JumpTrak content can be published in any language.